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What am I signing up for? 

Grow Your Learning: Outdoor Education Fellowship is for teachers looking to lead, looking to grow, and looking to spend more time outside with nature as their co-teacher. 


  • Stipends and SCECHs for teachers

  • Outdoor learning instructional resources

  • Connecting with other educators

  • Growing support from local partners

  • Go Kit! for the outdoors (forest first aid, field guides, etc.)

  • Badging System for teachers

  • Recognition as an Outdoor Learning Fellow

Ecosystem of Support: 

We will be weaving together the teachings of various groups and resources, dedicated to aligning their resources to Common Core Math and ELA, and the Next Generation Science Standards. All materials will be aligned and shared in a way that can enhance current programs of practice and resources already implemented. 

  • 3P Learning (Project / Place Based Learning)

  • Learning in Places

  • Project Learning Tree

  • Project Wet

  • Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Kimmerer (teacher book study)

Grow Your Learning: 
Outdoor Educator Fellowship

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