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Forensic Science Summer Workshops for Educators

If you are a teacher who wants to learn how to successfully design, run or improve a forensic science class without stress, than this summer workshop is a must!

This summer there will be TWO Forensic Science Workshops in Michigan, one at Avondale High School in Auburn Hills in June and another at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo in July. Both will have the same content, just different locations for ease of travel. The workshops are a full week, Monday through Friday, for only $400! The attached PDF has more information and sign up details. Space is limited, so register today!

  1. Here is a recent email comment from a past workshop participant who teaches in Irvine, California:

  2. "In case I didn't tell you, taking your summer workshop was a tremendous help getting my program off the ground. The students (and faculty) love the blood spatter demonstration! Thank you very much for sharing your expertise."

  3. Any questions, contact Workshop Instructor, Kathy Mirakovits at"

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