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MakerBot Course + Printer

MiSTEM Region 9 Teacher Training Opportunity

3-D Printing Workshop


What:    Learn the basics of 3-D printing, create/adapt a lesson plan for your classroom, and receive a Makerbot Sketch Classroom kit (


1. Complete the online Makerbot Teacher Certification course at your own pace and on your own schedule.  The $99 course fee will be paid by MiSTEM Region 9. 

2. Submit evidence of your course completion along with a 1 to 2-page lesson plan showing one way that your new Sketch Classroom (value $1,799) will be used in your classroom or school. 

3. When this information is submitted and approved, the materials will be shipped to your location so that you can learn how to use them before next school year. When school opens, you will relocate your 3-D printers to your classroom and begin using them with your students. If you leave the school, the materials may either be used by you at another public school or must remain at your original school.

When:  Ten teacher seats are available in the course to teachers who live or work in the eight county MiSTEM Region 9 ( ).  You may begin the course online as soon as your application is approved.  Course completion is required no later than May 30, 2020 for this funding cycle. Approval is on a first come, first served basis.  Applicants must be K-12 public school teachers. Applicants must also provide demographic information for themselves and the students who will be using the materials when the school year begins.

To apply: Please email the following information to Lisa Wininger, MiSTEM Region 9 Director at You will be notified of your status within one week.

Your name, grade level and/or subject area, email address, shipping(home) address, PIC number, school name, school address, district name, principal name, and principal email address 

Questions:  Please contact Lisa Wininger by email

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