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It may be helpful to take this time for your own learning as well. No sub plans, no budget cuts, just set aside a little time in your day to grow your brain. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are specific topics you'd like to learn more about or support I may be able to provide. I have included resources to help learn about teaching virtually/online as well. I STRONGLY encourage you to join Twitter for professional learning, there are regular twitter chats and hashtags you can follow for more information. Here are some resources I'll be spending some time with as well: 

This site, created by Paul Andersen (the Bozeman Science guy) includes a lot of resources for learning more about NGSS and the science content we teach. He has videos for all the SEPs, CCCs, and DCIs to support your learning. Spend some time reading and watching in areas you feel less confident. You can also sort by PE to be able to see phenomena, lessons, and more. 

San Diego County Office of Education has done a really excellent job organizing information and linking it for using NGSS. You can look at specific SEPs and it will share info from the NRC Framework, NextGen Science Site, and other resources (including links to Paul's videos). It is well organized and a great resource. Wisconsin has also pulled together some resources.

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